Feb 28 12:00 pm

It’s a Wrap

Mike McGuinness, Event 8 Champion

Mike McGuinness won his fourth Deepstacks Challenge event

The latest edition of Deepstacks Challenge Tournament came to end after nine great events that saw a big crowds across the board. The series featured buy-ins ranging from $100+$25 up to $350+$50, a little something for all bankroll levels. The nine tournaments combined to draw 1,959 entrants to the poker room for $305,000 in guaranteed prize pool money.

There were nine different winners during the series with Stosh Gepp earning his first career tournament win in Event 1. Gepp would go on to have a great series that also included a fifth place finish in Event 5 and runner-up result in Event 7. He finished second in the tournament won by Bobbi Lind, our only female champion this series.

Mitchell Mantin had the most successful series of those who didn’t pick up a trophy. He cashed in three tournaments with all ending at the final table in second, third, and fourth. Alex Gil opened the series with back-to-back final table appearances and was matched by his friend Angelo Modica who had two consecutive final tables of his own.

One of the biggest accomplishments of the series came at the end of Event 8. Mike McGuinness already owned three Deepstacks Challenge trophies and he added a fourth early Sunday morning. He grabbed another Borgata trophy to go along with his WSOP Circuit ring from 2012.

It was a great week of poker. Thanks to all of our players for coming out and congratulations to everyone who took home a trophy or part of a prize pool. We hope to see you all at our next big event.

Event 1: Stosh Gepp Runs Over the Final Table to Win Title
Event 2: Mike Menzer Comes Back to Victory
Event 3: Joe Lachiana Dominates to Take Title
Event 4: Matt Sullivan Rides Big Stack to Title
Event 5: Rick Rossetti Rolls to the Win
Event 6: Kevin Van Allen Completes the Comeback
Event 7: Bobbi Lind Runs Hot All Day for Title
Event 8: Mike McGuinness Earns 4th Deepstacks Challenge Trophy
Event 9: Niko Markatos Wins Final Series Trophy

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Feb 28 5:15 am

Event 9: Niko Markatos Wins Final Deepstacks Challenge Trophy

Niko Markatos, Event 9 Champion

Niko Markatos, Event 9 Champion

The final event in the latest Deepstacks Challenge created the biggest prize pool of the nine day series and it played appropriate to the amount of money on the line. After more than 18 hours of play, Niko Markatos took the title along with the $20,628 first place prize and shiny Borgata trophy.

Event 9 drew 217 entrants to put more than $73,000 up for grabs with the last 27 players set to earn a piece of it. The deep stacks and slow structure gave players plenty of room to make their moves and there were still 68 in the game when they went on dinner after 15 levels. The money bubble didn’t burst until 13 hours after they started their day and they slowly made their way down to the final table ten.

Mike Dobb’s and Dennis Blecher were the two big stacks at the start of final table play and they quickly picked up the action at that point. Four players were eliminated in the first 30-minute level with energetic Yee Mau Cheung dropping on the first hand. It still took three hours with to wrap it up and ship the big prize to Markatos.

1st: Niko Markatos (Astoria, NY) $20,628
2nd: Dennis Belcher (Amity Harbor, NY) $12,156
3rd: Mike Dobbs (Sayville, NJ) $6,999
4th: Paul Plotkin (Brooklyn, NY) $5,673
5th: Dan Marder (Sewell, NJ) $4,420
6th: Glenn Macartney (Philadelphia, PA) $3,684
7th: Hunter Helal (Dallas, TX)$2,947
8th: Robert Taylor (Henderson, NV) $2,210
9th: Amir Genzel (Flushing, NY) $1,473
10th: Yee Mau Cheung (New York, NY) $958
11th: Scott Jackson (Tinton Falls, NJ) $958
12th: Christopher Kojack (Hanover, MD) $958
13th: Abraham Korotki (Ocean View, DE) $810
14th: Hal Rotholz (New York, NY) $810
15th: Joseph Delgrosso (Upper Darby, PA) $810
16th: Leon Zinder (Forest Hills, NY) $737
17th: MD Sayad Hossain (New Castle, DE) $737
18th: Ryan Meyers (Roslyn, NY) $737
19th: Mike Menzer (E Brunswick, NJ) $663
20th: Ronald Bilotta (Mullica Hill, NJ) $663
21st: Joe Pellicone (Westfield, NJ) $663
22nd: Casy Montag (West River, MD) $663
23rd: James Rumbaugh (Ocean, NJ) $663
24th: Brandon Pearl (Toms River, NJ) $663
25th: Antonio Walker (Willingboro, NJ) $663
26th: John Bahia (Staten Island, NY) $663
27th: Charles Zoda Jr (Middletown, NJ) $663

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Feb 28 4:14 am

Event 9: Paul Plotkin – 4th Place ($5,673)

Level 29: (50,000/100,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 217

Remaining Players: 4
Average Stack: 2,710,000 (27 big blinds)

Paul Plotkin (Brooklyn, NY)

Paul Plotkin (Brooklyn, NY)

After hours of crawling through the levels, the fast pace continued to keep everyone hopping. But there was finally a big hand that didn’t start with all the chips in the middle before the flop.

Paul Plotkin and Mike Dobbs were heads up to the flop and then they got the big chips involved. Plotkin was in trouble with the outkicked against Dobbs’ . He found nothing on the turn or river to change his fate and he was gone in 4th place.

Paul Plotkin – Eliminated in 4th place ($5,673)
Mike Dobbs – 5,400,000 (54 bb)

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Feb 28 3:58 am

Event 9: Dan Marder – 5th Place ($4,420)

Level 29: (50,000/100,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 217

Remaining Players: 5
Average Stack: 2,170,000 (22 big blinds)

Dan Marder (Sewell, NJ)

Dan Marder (Sewell, NJ)

Dan Marder grabbed a double up against Dennis Belcher to move up to 1,420,000 and then he put them all-in a few orbits later with . Mike Dobbs made a pretty quick call with , not a bad hand at a five-handed final table, and he dodged Marder’s over as the dealer ran it out .

It was a nice run for Marder but he had to settle for 5th place money.

Dan Marder – Eliminated in 5th place ($4,420)
Mike Dobbs – 3,900,000 (39 bb)

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Feb 28 3:44 am

Event 9: Glenn Macartney – 6th Place ($3,684)

Level 29: (50,000/100,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 217

Remaining Players: 6
Average Stack: 1,810,000 (18 big blinds)

Glenn Macartney (Philadelphia, PA)

Glenn Macartney (Philadelphia, PA)

Glenn Macartney was down to one big blind and he put it in the middle with . Dan Marder moved all-in over the top and he got a call from Mike Dobbs. Both Macartney and Marder were at risk but Marder was likely to chop with against Dobbs’ .

The board ran to send Macartney out in 6th while Marder and Dobbs chopped him up.

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Feb 28 3:27 am

Event 9: Hunter Helal – 7th Place ($2,947)

Level 28: (40,000/80,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 217

Remaining Players: 7
Average Stack: 1,550,000 (19 big blinds)

Hunter Helal (Dallas, TX)

Hunter Helal (Dallas, TX)

Hunter Helal needed to make a move to build a stack and was all-in with against Mike Dobbs’ . He had two live cards but Dobbs hit the flop to move further ahead.

The turn and provided no help and Helal was the next gone from the final table. Three quick eliminations in four hands.

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Feb 28 3:25 am

Event 9: Robert Taylor – 8th Place ($2,210)

Level 28: (40,000/80,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 217

Remaining Players: 8
Average Stack: 1,360,000 (17 big blinds)

Robert Taylor (Henderson, NV)

Robert Taylor (Henderson, NV)

The blistering pace continued at the final table and Robert Taylor went out on a cooler turned suckout turned resuck.

Taylor put all his chips in the middle preflop after an open from Niko Markatos and received the very definition of a snap call. Taylor’s ran smack into the of Markatos and he was in trouble until the dealer gave him a little help with the flop. We might have heard a small expletive from Markatos but that changed when he spiked the river two-out to knock a stunned Taylor out.

Robert Taylor – Eliminated in 8th place ($2,210)
Niko Markatos – 2,400,000 (30 bb)

suck resuck

The ugly truth of a two outer

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Feb 28 3:19 am

Event 9: Amir Genzel – 9th Place ($1,473)

Level 27: (30,000/60,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 217

Remaining Players: 9
Average Stack: 1,210,000 (15 big blinds)

Amir Genzel (Flushing, NY)

Amir Genzel (Flushing, NY)

Amir Genzel and Niko Markatos battled preflop and all the chips went in the middle with Genzel at risk and dominated. His needed help against but he didn’t find anything good as the dealer spread to end the tournament for Genzel.

Amir Genzel – Eliminated in 9th place ($1,473)
Niko Markatos: 1,500,000 (19 bb)

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Feb 28 3:02 am

Event 9: Yee Mau Cheung – 10th Place ($958)

Level 27: (30,000/60,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 217

Remaining Players: 10
Average Stack: 1,805,000 (18 big blinds)

Yee Mau Cheung (New York, NY)

Yee Mau Cheung (New York, NY)

As soon as they settled in their seats, Yee Mau Cheung joyfully announced “ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!” as he’s been doing the entire day when he shoved in all his chips.

His short stack shove was called by the still-on-a-heater Dennis Belcher, this time he had against .

“Come on god, no hearts!” Belcher pleaded.

The prayer was heard and the board ran out to send Cheung out on the first hand.

Yee Mau Cheung – Eliminated in 10th place ($958)
Dennis Belcher – 3,300,000 (55 bb)

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