Oct 21 9:25 pm

Event 11: Little Movement

Level 20 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total Entrants: 166
Players Remaining: 25
Average Stack: 266,000 (22 bb)

Event 9 three tables

One level down after the color up break and zero players were eliminated despite the shrinking stacks against the blinds.

That should change in this level as the price goes up and the money bubble looms.

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Oct 21 8:48 pm

Event 11: Morton Gets Them to Three Tables

Level 19 (5,000/10,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 166
Players Remaining: 25
Average Stack: 261,000 (27 bb)

Dawn Morton (Nesconset, NY)

Dawn Morton (Nesconset, NY) contemplates a call

With 28 players remaining, Dawn Morton opened the action to 20,000 and picked up one caller before Freddie Peralta shoved for 88,000 from the small blind. Morton called after some thought and the other caller moved all-in for only a little more.

Morton was ahead with against and Peralta’s , then faded a river heart and overs as the board ran to push her near 600,000 with the double KO. At the same time, Bob Depasquale was sent out on Table 1 to drop them down to 25 players remaining.

Tournament staff broke Table 4 and sent them on a break while the purple chips are colored off.

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Oct 21 8:13 pm

Event 11: Mantini Climbing

Level 18 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 166
Players Remaining: 31
Average Stack: 214,000 (27 bb)

Brian Mantini (Brigantine, NJ)

Brian Mantini (Brigantine, NJ)

Brian Mantini (the man behind the mask) has been pretty incognito for most of the day, but we caught him at an unguarded moment among the last four tables. He sent an opponent out with a turned flush against an overpair to push his stack over 270,000.

Mantini’s last good run was a few days ago when he dominated late in Event 9 and was part of a three-way adjusted payout deal that saw him pocket more than $4,600.

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Oct 21 7:40 pm

Event 11: Four Tables Remain

Level 17 (3,000/6,000/500)
Total Entrants: 166
Players Remaining: 36
Average Stack: 184,000 (31 bb)


The final Deepstacks Challenge tournament is down to only four tables but they have plenty of chips at their disposal with the average stack continuing to hover around 30 big blinds. They have another hour of play before their next break when the purple 500 denom chips come out of play for good.

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Oct 21 6:32 pm

Event 11: Dinner Time

Returning to Level 16 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entrants: 166
Players Remaining: 45
Average Stack: 148,000 (30 bb)

Event 11 players are off taking their 45-minute dinner break away from the tables. There’s still plenty of work to get done when they return with only 18 of them making the money.

They’ll return at 7:15 to continue the march to the trophy.

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Oct 21 5:38 pm

Event 11: Seven Tables Going to Six

Level 14 (1,500/3,000/400)
Total Entrants: 166
Players Remaining: 62
Average Stack: 107,000 (36 bb)

Michael Marder (Sewell, NJ)

Michael Marder (Sewell, NJ)

Tables are dropping but not at a rapid pace. They broke down to seven tables during Level 13 but only a handful have been shown the door since.

We still have a few players around with past success including Michael Marder, Howard Wolper, Shannon Stash, Ryan Meyers, Leo Klawit, and Freddie Peralta. They’ll play out until the end of Level 15 before going on a 45-minute dinner break.

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Oct 21 5:02 pm

Event 11: Extending the Levels

Level 13 (1,200/2,400/300)
Total Entrants: 166
Players Remaining: 73
Average Stack: 91,000 (38 bb)

Ryan Meyers (Roslyn, NY)

Ryan Meyers (Roslyn, NY)

They pushed through three more levels and took another break away from the tables. Things will change up when they return and levels will now run 30 minutes until we have a new champion.

We found Ryan Meyers still grinding along in the back of the room while more than half of the entrants have fallen by the wayside. This is his last chance for a third final table after a nice back-to-back run earlier in the week. Meyers finished in fifth place during the marathon Event 8 final table and followed that up with a seventh place in Event 9 the next day.

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Oct 21 4:25 pm

Event 11: Prize Pool and Payout

Level 12 (1,000/2,000/300)
Total Entrants: 166
Players Remaining: 89
Average Stack: 74,600 (37 bb)

The numbers were released and the final Deepstacks Challenge event of the series officially drew 166 entrants to the game to create a prize pool worth $41,966. Well clear of the $30,000 guaranteed prize pool. The last 18 players will earn a piece of that money with a min-cash grabbing $628 and the eventual winner taking home $12,350 along with the Borgata trophy.

Event 11 payouts:

1st: $12,350
2nd: $6,908
3rd: $4,187
4th: $3,349
5th: $2,512
6th: $2,093
7th: $1,675
8th: $1,256
9th: $942
10th – 12th: $837
13th – 15th: $733
16th – 18th: $628

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Oct 21 3:31 pm

Event 11: Registration Closed

Level 10 (600/1,200/200)
Total Entrants: 165
Players Remaining: 110
Average Stack: 60,000 (50 bb)

Packed house

Registration closed after players returned to their seats after the third break, shutting the door on this Deepstacks Challenge series, and it attracted an unofficially 165 entrants. That tops last week’s number by more than 20 players and we’ll have some big money up top for the final players.

There are 110 players still around and the average stack is sitting at 50 big blinds, plenty of time for players to grind up their stack.

We will post the official numbers when they are available.

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Oct 21 3:09 pm

Event 11: Take Note; Last Level to Register

Level 9 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entrants: 163

Bill Wang, taking notes

Bill Wang, updating his notes

Event 11 has reached the last level for players to get in the game, 25 minutes plus the 15-minute color up break before we close the registration doors on this version of the Deepstacks Challenge.

Bill Wang is making his return to the tables and you might have noticed him if you’ve shared a table. While some players spend their time surfing away or watching something on their phone, he is taking meticulous notes on every single hand at the table. Wang doesn’t miss much.

Bill Wang

Bill Wang

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