Jul 13 6:36 pm

Deep Stacks Challenge Moves Online

The first six events of the Deep Stacks Challenge are in the book and it is now time to direct your attention to BorgataPoker.com for the remaining eight events of the series.

The following events will be held on BorgataPoker.com:

Event 7     7/13     8 PM    $91 + $9         Deepest Stack NLH                 $5,000 Guaranteed
Event 8     7/14     8 PM    $45 + $5         Deep Stack NLH                     $2,500 Guaranteed
Event 9     7/15     8 PM    $45 + $5         Deeper Stack NLH                  $2,500 Guaranteed
Event 10   7/16     8 PM    $91 + $9         Deepest Stack NLH                 $5,000 Guaranteed
Event 11   7/17     8 PM    $45 + $5         Deep Stack NLH                     $2,500 Guaranteed
Event 12   7/18     8 PM    $45 + $5         Deeper Stack NLH                  $2,500 Guaranteed
Event 13   7/19     8 PM    $91 + $9         Deepest Stack NLH                $10,000 Guaranteed
Event 14   7/20     8 PM    $185 + $15     Deepest Stack NLH                $20,000 Guaranteed

There are mega-qualifiers running all week, some for as little as $5 that are giving out 10 $100 seats. Value at it’s finest.

These events will also count towards the Deep Stacks Leaderboard Challenge, as points will be awarded for playing and cashing in each event.

These events will not be covered in as great of detail as the previous six events, but recaps and results will be posted as well as information on tournament structures and qualifiers.

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Jul 13 3:03 am

Event 6 Final Table Results

Level 28 (Blinds 5,000/30,000/60,000)
Total Entries: 371
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 1,800,


Federico Ottenio

Nearly 15 hours after 372 players started sitting down to play Event 6, Federico Ottenio took home the coveted Deep Stacks Challenge trophy and $34,099 worth of first-place prize money.

Federico was short stacked for much of the money period but managed to get hot at the right time en route to his first ever rated championship. This result more than doubles his lifetime rated earnings of $14,000.

Matt Vitale took 2nd place and $18,944.

Jimmy Donaldson finished in 3rd place for $11,783.

Joe Innacone took $9,472 for his 4th place finish.

Sandeep Patel came in 5th for $7,451.

Margrat Dale pockets $6,125 for coming in 6th.

Chris Wilson got $4,925 for 7th place.

Byung Yoo earns himself $3,726 for 8th place.

Herb Kelsey finished 9th for $2,526.

And Paul Chaimungkla made $1,642 for 10th.

With the end of Event 6, that marks the end of the “live” portion of the Deep Stacks Challenge. Tomorrow starts the online portion of the series and more information will be posted about that tomorrow morning.

Be sure to keep your ear to the ground by following @BorgataPoker on twitter for daily updates about not only the remaining Deep Stacks Challenge events, but also Borgata poker promotions, tournaments and series.

You can also follow @WOCPoker for updates throughout the rest of the Deep Stacks Challenge and for a daily dose of casual poker banter.

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Jul 13 2:03 am

Final Table Draw

The Event 6 Final Table has been set and the table draw is as follows:

  1. Chris Wilson – 2,300,000
  2. Jimmy Donaldson – 1,100,000
  3. Sandeep Patel – 1,650,000
  4. Joe Innacone – 1,000,000
  5. Federico Ottenio – 550,000
  6. Byung Yoo – 2,300,000
  7. Herb Kelsey – 2,100,000
  8. Matt Vitale – 600,000
  9. Margrat Dale – 1,300,000
  10. Paul Chaimungkla – 1,600,000

Players will play five more minutes in Level 28, then play Level 29 before a color up break to bring in the 100,000 chips.

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Jul 13 1:56 am

Event 6: 11th & 12th Place ($1,642)

Level 28 (Blinds 5,000/30,000/60,000)
Total Entries: 371
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 1,800,


Shah Tehramy

Liberty DeVivo moved all-in for her final 400,000 and Joe Iannacone flatted the bet before Byung Yoo moved all-in from the blinds.

Iannacone was wrestling with the decision as it would be for 1,000,000 more of his chips, leaving him very short stacked if he did make the call.

Iannacone called the clock on himself before folding pocket ’s face up.

Yoo tabled dominating Liberty’s .

The board didn’t hit either of them and Yoo won with his high card, leaving Iannacone to wonder what could have been if he had called as his pair would have held up.

Liberty is eliminated in 12th place. Yoo is now sitting with over 3,000,000.

Next to go in 11th place was Shah Tehramy who was crippled after a hand with Margrat Dale. Dale and Shah were nearly identically stacked when she got it in with pocket ’s and it held against Shah’s broadway cards.

Shah was eliminated a few hands later in 11th place.

The remaining ten players will redraw for their spot at the final table.

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Jul 13 1:40 am

Chaimungkla Does It A Third Time

Level 27 (Blinds 5,000/25,000/50,000)
Total Entries: 371
Players Remaining: 12
Chip Average: 1,240,

Paul Chaimungkla has done it again and this time his victim was Matt Vitale.

The two saw a flop of which Paul led into for 200,000. Vitale then instantly announced all-in, which would put Paul at risk if he called.

Vitale said, “I’ll show you.” but Paul called, wanting to play for all his chips and see what Vitale had.

Vitale held for top pair, while Paul had and he needed help.

And yahtzee! The turn bricked, but the river was the , giving Paul two pair and again, doubling him up on the river.

Over the course of the last level and a half, Paul has chipped up to over 2,000,000 in chips and has more or less crippled two former deep stacked players.

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Jul 13 1:24 am

Chaimungkla’s Double Double

Level 27 (Blinds 5,000/25,000/50,000)
Total Entries: 371
Players Remaining: 12
Chip Average: 1,240,


Paul Chaimungkla

Over the last level Paul Chaimungkla has gone from short stack, to comfortably sitting above the chip average.

Paul got it all-in in two spots where he wasn’t exactly the favorite, and managed to make it out alive in both instances.

The first was a three way all-in encounter with Shah Tehramy and himself both being covered by Margrat Dale.

Dale held , Paul held and Tehramy held .

The flop was all Paul needed as it came down , the rest of the board missed Dale and Tehramy and Paul was tripling up.

The next had also involved Paul and Dale, this time it was Dale flopping a set on the board of . They got it all-in on the flop, Dale holding , Paul holding for top pair and a straight draw.

The turn was the and the river was the gifting him his straight.

Paul has had Dales number over the last level, but she is still sitting with just under 1,000,000.

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Jul 13 1:12 am

Event 6: 13-15th Place ($1,358)


Eric Suarez (Philadelphia, PA)

The following players cashed for $1,358.

13. Derek Blenman (New York, NY)
14. Eric Suarez (Philadelphia, PA)
15. Daniel Needleman

Suarez and Needleman were eliminated on the same hand as Margrat Dale had both players covered holding pocket ’s as Suarez held and Needleman held . The board ran out clean and Dale registered the double knockout. This was Suarez’s second deep run of the Deep Stacks Challenge series.

Next to go was Derek Blenman, who was a chip leader throughout the day. Blenman lost nearly 800,000 in back to back hands to Byung Yoo the first in which Yoo jammed from the blinds after Blenman raised from the button, Yoo’s beating the of Blenman.

The next hand saw Blenman run his pocket ’s into the ’s of Yoo.

Byun Yoo is now sitting with close to 1,500,000.

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Jul 13 1:02 am

Event 6: 16-18th Place ($1,080)


John Sykes

The following players cashed for $1,080.

16. Hal Neeman
17. Keiko Lim
18. John Sykes

All three players were extremely short stacked and had to get it in with more or less any “decent” hand before they were eaten up by the blinds.

Sykes was one of the shorter stacks after the money bubble and never reach an average stack size, but, managed to chip up and make a few pay jumps.


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Jul 13 12:55 am

Needleman Crippled

Level 26 (Blinds 5,000/25,000/50,000)
Total Entries: 371
Players Remaining: 15
Chip Average: 992,

Matt Vitale and Daniel Needleman got it all in pre-flop with Vitale dominating holding versus Needleman’s pocket ’s.

The flop was disastrous for Vitale as the was in the window, but Vitale made good on his premium pair on the river, as the spiked to give him the pot and nearly 1,000,000 of Needleman’s chips.

Vitale is likely the chip leader, while Needleman is left with just over three big blinds.

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Jul 13 12:17 am

Event 6: 19-27th Place ($884)


David Elliott (Eatontown, NJ)

The following players have cashed for $884.

19. Hung Truong (Freehold, NJ)
20. Robert McMahon (Chester Springs, PA)
21. Manny “Cuba” Vega (Ventnor, NJ)
22. David Rosenau (Absecon, NJ)
23. Ryan Dion (Blackwood, NJ)
24. Stuart Herdemian (Lancaster, PA)
25. David Elliott (Eatontown, NJ)
26. Craig Danson (Hammonton, NJ)
27. Carlos Fernandez (New York, NY)

Payouts have now jumped to the four figure variety as the remaining players will at least be taking home $1,080.

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